Posted On
7th January 2020

What’s that you say? A permanent standalone Vegan menu…that’s here to stay… FOREVER? No problem!

We’re pleased to announce our brand new vegan specials and that we’ll be keeping a corner of our menu vegan all-year-round, 365 days a year. To check out our latest vegan pizzas from our rotating menu, head to our menu here!

Plus, we’ve teamed up with Clapton’s plant-based cheese wizards I Am Nut Ok to develop our very own premium vegan mozzarella, which will feature on our new vegan pizzas as well as being an option to swap on to all of our regular pizzas too.

Vector Created using Figma
Vector Created using Figma

The new menu is available for dine-in, takeaway and delivery from all of our shops as of now, so if you’re giving Veganauary a go, already a longstanding vegan or just fancy trying something new… well this one’s for you!

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